Menjangan 3 Days 2 Night

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From: $1,160.00

Inclusion : Car, Driver, Dive Instructor, BCD, Regulator, Tank, Mask, Fin, One Room Hotel, Boat.

Exclusion : Lunch, Dinner.

Package Activities
1– Pick Up at the Hotel or Airport
– Go To Menjangan
– Breakfast
– Check In Hotel
– 1 x Diving
– Lunch
– 1 x Diving
– Back to Hotel
2– Breakfast
– 1 x Diving
– Lunch
– 1 x Diving
– Add ons [Optional] – Back to Hotel
3– Breakfast
– 2 x Diving / 1x Diving / Trecking + Bird Watching / Horseback Riding (Optional)
– Lunch
– Check Out
– Add On program / 1x Diving (Optional)
– Back to Hotel or Airport

Menjangan Budak Wreck

Located east of POS I, the depth of the wreck starts at 35m and down to 50m. It is an old wreck (early 19th century), the history is not well documented. The wreck is “kind of metal plated” and full of schools of Yellow Stripe Snapper. Two resident white tip sharks are among the marine lives you’ll probably see. Some artifacts left untouched. The wreck itself is not big, but it’s deep, with normal air, you probably can explore the wreck in just 10 to 15 minutes, with the use of EANx (nitrox) is surely beneficial to extend the no deco time. Visibility is generally from 15 to 25m. Menjangan is a nature reserve and the only place to find this species of deer. If your lucky you could have a lunch companion

Puri Jati

Puri Jati Menjangan dive site is located about 20 minutes drive from Lovina, to get down here driving past the Seririt Town about 200 meters, on the left side of the main road stands sign board Zien Villa Puri Jati, there is a small pavement road leads down to the black sandy beach. Offshore offers a dive site, later on known as Puri Jati.

It is a flat slope sandy bottom from 3 to 20 meters. There is no reef at all but sea grasses, sea pens and debris that cover large area, a good place to see sea animals and unusual creatures, which are small and well camouflaged. Underwater Photographers and Videographers have discovered Sea Horses, Anglerfishes, Ornate Ghosepipefish, Crustaceans, Octopuses and many more. Visibility is varying up to 15 meters and worse when big waves laps the beach; when sand particles are mixed up into the water. As the coverage area is large 3 to 4 dives a day is still not possible to cover it all, and you will always find something different.

Horseback Riding

Horseback riding in Bali is a fun and exciting way to enjoy the island’s outback – from paddy trails to quiet stretches of sandy coastlines – all from the saddle of a horse. There are notable stables near secluded beaches where horse-riding is most popular, such as the black sand coasts of Berawa in Canggu, and further up north towards Pererenan Beach and Tanah Lot, where you’ll find the unique combination of rice fields and coastal views.

However, there are also increasingly popular horseback trails in the island’s east, central and northern areas, where beginners are welcome, be it children or adults, with tours lasting up to two hours. You can ride local breeds of Bali pony, or Sumba sandalwood crossbreeds, and even go for a sunset beach ride which can be a highlight of your honeymoon. Retreats up north also offer horse-riding activities through mangroves and unspoiled Bali wilderness. Here’s where to experience horseback riding in Bali for your next equestrian joyride.

Trecking and Bird Watching

Bali Barat National Park is home to approximately 300 species of tropical birds, both migratory and endemic. Many of them are quite difficult to spot. From seed, insect to fish-eating species, all can be found here either along its monsoon habitat or coastal mangrove swamp.

We arrange guided exploration into several birding sites of the Park for a more advanced birding,. Depending on season and other weather-related facts, birding-site options include coastal mangrove area and small river in Teluk Terima, Tegal Bunder near the Starling rehabilitation center and coastal area of Cekik close to the Park headquarter.